Trucking Industry Trends

Port Strike Threat Adds to Supply Chain Risk

Shippers moved Asian imports through West Coast ports ahead of schedule this year… Read More

Port Strike Threat Adds to Supply Chain Risk

[No… Read More

New Tech Makes Weigh Station Bypass Easier

It wasn’t that long ago all phone calls were made from stationary phones hard wired in your home or office. Read More

The Road Ahead in 2014: Cheaper Fuel, More Rules

After completing a recap of 2013 in freight transportation, I looked to economists… Read More

Bond Fallout Could Mean One-Third Fewer Brokers in 2014

The FMCSA has revoked the operating authority of 8,180 brokers since Dec. Read More

2013 in the Rear-View Mirror: Slow Growth Postpones Capacity Woes

View 2013 Year in Review Infographic The hot topics in 2013 were expressed in acronyms: MAP-21… Read More

$75,000 Broker Bond Update

The vast majority of brokers using DAT load boards are compliant with the new regulations that require brokers to have a $75… Read More

Industry Replaces Government Reports During Shutdown

The government appears poised to return to full capacity… Read More

DAT Offers Fruit & Vegetable Rate Report During USDA Shutdown

<p>Every week for the past year… Read More

Regulatory Alphabet Soup: HOS, ELDs/EOBRs, and More!

Fifty-one Congressional Representatives signed a letter sent to Anthony Foxx, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation… Read More

Regulatory Round-Up: Short Hauls Exempt from HOS

Short-haul drivers are no longer required to follow the 30-minute off-duty break requirement that had been mandated by the… Read More

July Freight Availability Beats June Levels

Freight availability on DAT Load Boards was 3% higher in July than in June. Read More